The purpose of this blog

The focus of this blog is the process students use in my course to develop business plans. Approximately 300 complete plans are available for viewing and downloading on this blog.

Go here to download one of the 300 business plans from a Onedrive account. Go here if you want to download one of the 300 business plans from my google drive. The google drive is not as nice to view, but it works without a google account.

The best way to understand my view of the world and the planning process is to read the free book Developing New Products and Services: Learning, Differentiation, and Innovation.

The free book is available here. A  paper version is available from Amazon.

The primary activity in the course involves the completion of a set of templates.  These templates are part of the Super Lean Innovation Process (SLIP). The process is not too lean, but it effectively leads students down the right path. Go to this link for the SLIP template.

G. Lawrence Sanders

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